Advice for Full Membership by RPL

Advice on supporting materials for the Application Process for Full Membership by Recognition of Prior Learning and Experience (RPL)

To assist the Membership Committee to make a fair assessment each applicant should provide as much supporting material as possible.

This list summarizes supporting materials that should be considered to support your application.

  1. Evidence of Teaching Experience, including a list of student numbers over the previous 5 years.
  1. Evidence of successful Private Music Teaching in schools and/or music studios.
  1. Evidence of attendance at recognized Professional Development Courses such as those offered by universities, TAFE colleges and professional music organizations such as MTASA (or another MTA), AMEB, Orff, Yamaha, Suzuki, AUSTA, ANATS, ASME, etc.
  1. Student Concert Performance successes.
  1. Student Eisteddfod and other Competition successes.
  1. Student Examination successes.
  1. Student Scholarship and/or Award and/or Tertiary acceptance successes.
  1. Other documented student successes.
  1. Additional supporting information for your application could include:
  2. Evidence of the creation of original pedagogical programs.
  3. Evidence of outstanding work with special students.
  1. Formal qualifications are not mandatory but should the applicant hold qualifications for disciplines other than music these should be included (copies of certificates are required).