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Professional Guidance for Music Educators

Music Teachers' Advisory Service (MTAS)

Navigate your teaching career with expert advice and support from experienced colleagues.


Support for Your Teaching Journey

The Music Teachers’ Advisory Service (MTAS) is designed to provide music educators with the professional support and guidance they need. Whether you’re facing challenges with student progress, business models, institutional regulations, or career development, MTAS offers a platform to discuss and resolve these issues with experienced colleagues. Our goal is to ensure that you never feel alone in your teaching career, offering you the wisdom and support of a community dedicated to your success.

Common Challenges

Student Progress Concerns
Addressing Learning Issues
Worried about a particular student’s learning or progress? Get advice on how to best support their development.
Studio Business Models
Optimizing Your Studio
Concerned about your independent studio’s business model? Learn strategies to enhance your studio’s success.
Institutional Regulations
Navigating Rules
Confused by the rules and regulations of the institution where you teach? Get clarity and guidance on compliance.
Career Paths
Where to go next

Wondering about your career path as a music educator

How MTAS Works

When you encounter a professional challenge as a music educator, your first step is to reach out to the Secretary of MTASA. Based on your query, you will be referred to the most suitable MTASA Council member who will then contact you to provide the necessary advice and support.

Service Cost

Affordable Advisory

While MTASA Council members offer their expertise free of charge to support their peers, the Music Teachers’ Advisory Service has an $80:00 hourly fee. This rate is comparable to a single lesson fee, and most issues are resolved within an hour. Please note, this service is not intended for specific instrumental expertise.

Reminderthis service is not designed to help with professional expertise in specific instrumental areas. We can’t help you locate cheap oboes or a reliable harp technician. It’s all about helping you in your private music teaching situation.

Depending on the nature of your query, you will be referred to the MTASA Council member

most suitable to advise you… and they will get in touch with you.

Need Guidance? Reach Out Today!

Feeling isolated in your role as a music educator? You’re not alone. The Music Teachers’ Advisory Service (MTAS) is here to offer the support and guidance you need. Whether you’re concerned about a student’s progress, your studio’s business model, or navigating institutional regulations, we’re here to help. Contact the Secretary of MTASA to get started and connect with a knowledgeable colleague who understands your challenges. Don’t wait—reach out today and let us help you find the solutions you need.

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