Music Performance Skills Research

Music Performance Skills Research

Dear Music Teacher,

My name is Anneliese Gill. I am a music teacher and am currently undertaking a PhD in music performance psychology at the University of Melbourne. I am inviting you to participate in an online music performance skills program with your adolescent music students. The program has a strong emphasis on ‘practicing to perform’ and self-evaluation, aiming to increase the number of performance mastery experiences, develop confidence and performance skills and enhance performance preparation across six key areas: confidence, focus, performance simulation, imagery, pre-performance routines, and music performance anxiety.

The teacher-directed, online program is designed to be embedded into your students’ normal musical training as part of their music lessons and combines brief weekly online tutorials (to be viewed at home) with specific activities which are incorporated into lessons and practice. As a thank-you for participating in this research you will be offered continued access to the online course once you have completed the online program with your students.

This unique performance course is the first of its kind to be developed for adolescent students. Incorporating the latest evidence-based strategies from sport and performance psychology it provides a great opportunity for your students to participate in some exciting research that may make a real difference to what has traditionally been a challenging area to address. Embedding performance-skills training into music lessons and practice will allow for early intervention and prevention, ultimately taking care of the well-being of the performer as well as potentially enhancing performance. Your teaching expertise in overseeing the delivery of the course and guiding the development of these skills during lessons would be invaluable.

The program is being implemented during Terms 3 and 4, this year. Please visit further information regarding this study. The study can only accommodate a limited number of teachers and students so please contact me immediately via email ( or on 0412729177 if you have any further questions or would like to register your interest in participating.

Kind Regards

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